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December 8th, 2017 / by admin

Our recent survey found out some interesting facts about how the Boomers use Boom in their daily lives. They’re the most adept, engrossed, and opinionated app users! These interesting app usages might make you think differently about Boom!

Majority of our users responded that they mostly use Boom to listen to music. We expected this. Some said they loved to watch movie with Boom, some said they loved gaming as the sound is too realistic, and some said they use Boom to make Skype calls. But what surprised us most was the last category, others! We came to know about some very interesting uses of Boom, and that’s what we are going to share here.

1. A huge number of users said they make music with Boom, while some users responded saying that they use Boom for their parties, and DJing.

2. Many users responded saying that they play musical instruments on their Mac using Boom.

3. Many of the Boomers use Boom for their lectures, tele-conferences, presentations, webinars, etc.

4. Many replied saying that they use Boom to listen to podcast.

5. Two of our users even said that they use Boom as a sleep app to avoid the buzz of busy cities.

Have you decided which one you like most?

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