Boom 3D – How To Install The Mac App Store Version!

July 4th, 2017 / by admin

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Hi Boomers,

As you know, Boom 3D is available on both, the Mac App Store and our Web store. However, the installation process is different for each of them. When you purchase the app from our web store, you just need to ‘install’ it and you’re good to go. But, when you first install Boom 3D from the Mac App Store, the process is different. Additionally, it involves downloading and setting up the Boom 3D audio component. This component is required to enable system-wide 3D audio enhancement.

To make the Boom 3D installation process easier for you, we have provided you the following steps along with screenshots:

1. After the introduction video, you will find Boom 3D window on launch. Here you can ‘Pick a song’ to play any song in 3D. You can also click “OK” and hit the “Experience More” button (please refer to the second screenshot)

screenshot 1

Screen Shot 2

2. Clicking on the “’Experience More ” button you will be directed to download an audio component.

Screen Shot 3

3. Download the Boom 3D Audio Component to enable system wide audio enhancement of Boom 3D.

Screen Shot 4

4. Install the Boom 3D audio component and restart your Mac.

Screen Shot 5

5. Once installed, you can use System Wide EQ, Volume Boosting and 3D functionality options.

If you still haven’t experienced the magic of Boom 3D, check it out on our site or on the Mac App Store. You can also enjoy a free trial and transform your Mac into a surround sound audio system!


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