Apple Features Boom for iOS on India iTunes App Store

August 12th, 2016 / by Marketing Team


India’s Independence Day is almost here and we cannot be happier as Boom for iOS is being featured on India’s iTunes Store. We are delighted to inform you all that Boom for iOS, a free app with an in-app purchase of Magical 3D Surround Sound is now selling at INR 120 and $1.99 worldwide, i.e., a 60% discount on its original price.


Those of you who are using Boom for iOS on your iPhones and iPads, are already familiar with the audio enhancement it provides. Thank you for the raving reviews on the App Store. Here’s for the newbies, Boom is a music player app for iOS devices. With its patent pending technology of Virtual 3D Surround Sound, Intensity slider and Custom-built Equalizers, it gives each user the experience of live music on any headphones. Here’s what the Editorial of our featured app on the App Store says,





“With a sleek and easy-to-use interface, Boom: Music Player with Magical Surround Sound lets you free your music of that compressed feel, breathing new life into every nuance of your favourite tracks- just the way the artists intended. Developed in Udupi, Karnataka, this app boasts a range of features to deliver that edge, including a mind-blowing 3D Surround Sound setting, equalizers and audio intensity effects designed to work with any headphones. Once you’ve heard your choicest tracks on Boom, there’ll be no going back.”


We at Global Delight take pride that Boom, Vizmato, Capto and our other amazing apps are completely Made in India products and also made for the world. Global Delight wishes you all a very happy Independence Day and a great weekend.


If you haven’t tried Boom for iOS, do it today. Purchase the in-apps before the offer expires on 21st August 2016.