A New Screen Capture App Is On The Horizon!

January 29th, 2016 / by Marketing Team

New Mac App


We’re happy to announce that Voila, the ultimate screen capture tool for Mac, will soon be replaced by a different and more powerful app. It will come with a new name, new features and a lot more that takes the software to a whole new level! Voila is currently used by students, teachers, artists, designers and other creative minds to report and reciprocate their work. Over the past few years, we’ve collected feedback and ideas from people in all these different fields, thus implementing the best of them in this upcoming version.

The new version of the screen capture app will move away from the Voila brand name and is being reconstructed from the ground up. It will be released as a brand new app with its own pricing and presence across the Internet. However, existing users of Voila will be eligible for discounts and free upgrades to the new app, depending on the date of purchase. We’ve made it very simple and straightforward for those who currently have Voila.

Existing users who’ve purchased Voila on or after the 1st of October, 2015 will qualify for a 100% free upgrade to the new version. Those who’ve purchased Voila on or before the 30th of September, 2015 get a flat 50% discount on the new app. This applies to both, previous purchases of Voila from our Webstore and the Mac App Store. Do note that the free upgrades and discounts will only be valid on our Webstore as the Mac App Store currently doesn’t have a mechanism for this.

We’re really excited as we’ve been working on making this new app the best screen capture app there ever was. This comes out very soon, so please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be on top of what’s going on. We can’t wait for you to experience it, so see you on launch day!


~ Siddharth

  • pickme2

    Will Capto import the Voila library? If so, will it be easy to do?

    • http://www.globaldelight.com Global Delight

      Hello there. Yes, you will be presented with an option to import the Voila library into Capto.

  • DM

    Add gif recording.

  • http://muppetgate.github.io MuppetGate

    In the new software, would it be possible to make the tools stay selected rather than being used just once and then having to select the tool again? If I’m blurring out parts of an image, it would be handy to be able to blur out several bits in one go without having to reselect the tool each time. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

    • http://www.globaldelight.com Global Delight

      We’ll pass on the feedback to the team and see what they have to say. Thanks for the feedback :)

  • http://adamelisha.info/ emusic917

    any estimates on what the new price will be?

    • http://www.globaldelight.com Global Delight

      Hello there. We can’t really comment at this stage. The app is going to come out pretty soon, so please follow @GlobalDelight on Twitter for more info. :)

  • Michael The Geek 

    I’m been using Viola since the I won MacRumors contest back in 2011. looking forward to the new version.

  • Craig Paterson

    Really looking forward to seeing the new app! Voila is great, so I’m sure the new app will be even better!!!

    • http://www.globaldelight.com Global Delight

      Thanks Craig!