It’s 2018! Are You Still Listening to Music in Two Dimensions?

January 11th, 2018 / by admin


Wellhere’s another year, with new resolutions, new hopes, new promises, and new technologies. We all came across one more holiday season. The halls were decked, the candles were lightedgifts were exchanged, and vacations well spent. Now as we’re catching our post-holiday breath, and as some of us are feeling post-holiday blues, it’s the best time to tell you something. It’s actually the time to gear up for 2018. Its time to upgrade ourselves, and our technologies so that we can easily cope up with the new wave.

With the changing timesound has progressively become spatialFrom mono to stereo to three-dimensional sound, audio technology has crossed all boundaries, literally putting sound in space and its more than just moving horizontally amongst right and left ears; with the surround sound technologyaudio appears to be coming from not only above orbelow, it comes from all around you, as if you’re enclosed in an acoustic environment. But to experience the real magic of 3D surround sound, you have to plug-in your headphones. With headphones on, sound seems to be coming from the outside world, as it will be directlytransmitted into your ear canal, without losing its richness to reproduce true 3D sound from a 360-degree radius.

Boom has also taken its steps forward along with time and the ever-enthusiastic team treaded forward to create something outstanding, something more phenomenal, and more awe-inspiring; that is how the concept of Boom 3D for Mac, started.

This system-wide volume booster and equalizer pumps more power and realism into your Mac’s speakers, enhancing the range of your audio, offering 3D surround sound, and giving you finer control over your volume settings like never before!

So, why would you settle for a normal audio, when you can get realistic and cinematic experience that too right on your Mac, without investing in any expensive hardwareWhy to simply listen to music, when you can enjoy the experience of being in a live orchestra with sound circling around you! 

Boom 3D creates a mind-blowing sound environment in which your audio reaches you from every direction and dimension.

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 Happy Boomin’!